We're Open!

     I'm super excited to announce that Charcoal City Games is officially formed and open for business! We've been hard at working getting the boring business stuff and the not so boring task of making this awesome website taken care of. Now it's time to party! Did I say that out loud? I meant get to work on our first project: Blood March! 

     Just what is Blood March? We'll have more to announce soon, but for right now just know that it is a retro inspired twin stick shooter with just a pinch of RPG. The first step is going to be a lot of pre-production (creating a design doc, style guide, etc) so we won't have many pretty pictures to post for a little bit, but we're going to try to keep this blog active regardless! Game development is exciting, and we want you to be excited too!

That's all for now folks, but stay tuned for more news and info about Blood March: Suffering Sands! 

~ Drew