Announcing Waveform!

     Exclamation points are back! Sorry, but I'm just too excited about this one. We've got a brand new game concept that we're working on! Waveform started as a game for the Global Game Jam in January and I kind of fell in love with it.

     The theme for this year was "waves" so I came up with the idea of playing a surfer dude who surfs on audio waves. The waves you surf on are generated based on the song you're listening to, meaning that you actually surf the waveform of the song that's playing. While airborn you have to do tricks and string them together into a combo to score the most points (think Tony Hawk's Pro Skater).

     The aesthetic is like skater punk meets Tron. The Tron series was a huge source of inspiration (especially the light cycles). I just love the glowing neon colors on dark backgrounds!

     Waveform is current an early prototype, but I am working on fleshing it out to a full game. In addition to working on the core mechanics I'll be adding things like leaderboards and being able to load songs from your hard drive! Putting Waveform into full production does mean that we had to put Project Seven on hold again. Taking a look at what we wanted it to be, it seemed outside the scope that a small studio should tackle as their first game. I feel like this is becoming a mantra, but it's still a concept we want to create, and every tough decision that we make is in service of making it everything we want it to be. 

     I'm super excited to actually have some content to put up on this website! I can't wait to get Waveform out there, so keep your eye out for news and updates on it! You can check out more about Waveform on its page right here!

~ Drew