Our First Contract!

     The life of an indie developer is often filled with difficult choices. Which game concept of the hundreds we've been talking about do we go with? Can it make enough money to keep us in business? Do we want pepperoni or bacon on our pizza? These kinds of things can keep a guy up at night. 

     When we first started the company we had a solid plan to spend the next several months creating a prototype that we could take to Kickstarter and publishers. The budget was tight and we'd have to be pretty lean (so long pepperoni pizza, hello ramen noodles) but we were confident we could make it work. 

     Then the reality of starting a business kicked in. We knew it wouldn't be cheap or easy, but somehow we still managed to underestimate how much of your time and money running a business takes. Suddenly all our careful planning meant very little in the face of a dwindling bank account. When we received an offer to do some work for hire and make educational games, we were faced with another tough decision. Do we put our passion project on hold in the interest of getting some more money in the bank? 

     Putting aside an idea you're passionate about is never easy, but as you can guess from the title we decided to take the contracts and put Blood March on hold. It is still a game we very much want to make, and it is because of that desire to make it (and do it right) that we are putting it on hold. After this, we will have more time to put into making it the best game it can be.

     Thanks for reading everyone, and I'll be sure to post more updates on Blood March when we return to it.

~ Drew