Early Access

Waveform Wipeout is on Steam (Coming Soon)

It's happening!

It's happening!

We're so close to launch, I can taste it! We're gearing up for our Early Access release later this summer, and we've just hit a huge milestone. Waveform Wipeout now has a page on Steam! You can check us out and follow us for updates and start some community discussions as well. We'd love to hear your feedback! We've distributed keys to our Kickstarter backers who don't have to wait for the actual Early Access release later this summer. We will keep you posted with news on a firm release date as soon as we have it. We're working as fast as we can to get this game out!


A huge thank you again to all of our Kickstarter backers and all the musicians and artists who have agreed to work with us on this project. Without you, we never would have gotten here.

~ Drew