Blood March


In the desolate wasteland...

A group of unlikely allies band together to seek their fortune. Follow these characters through this violent, fast paced top-down shooter. Choose who you will lead through treacherous tombs and forgotten ruins. Adventure alone or with a friend and claim your prize.


Blood March is a top down shooter in which players build a team of 3-5 characters from a large cast of playable characters. The player controls the team leader while the AI follows the player and attacks any enemies in sight. Each character has a unique trait that defines their role in the party. Character traits will be more pronounced if they are the team leader.

Blood March has a destructible cover system, which allows for a blend of strategy and action. The player uses dual control sticks to move their character while being able to attack in any direction. They player must navigate through discrete levels and survive waves of enemies and environmental hazards. A boss guards a unique relic at the end of each level. A single relic can be selected to further customize your team.