Waveform Wipeout is out on Steam Early Access

Waveform Wipeout is out on Steam Early Access


is a game where the player must surf on (and do rad tricks off of) audio waves. The levels are procedurally generated based on the music track you are currently listening to. The player can perform a variety of tricks and chain them together into a combo. Land the combo to score points and compete for the high score. Think Tony Hawk's Pro Skater meets Guitar Hero.

Waveform Wipeout combines the fast paced action of pulling off a sick combo of tricks with the novelty of rhythm games. The levels are generated based on the song you pick, so the possibilities are endless. 

Dynamic track generation also lets you load any song from your hard drive or search for music on YouTube and surf the waveforms! Interact with your music like never before.


Waveform Wipeout is out now for PC and Mac on Steam Early Access!


The aesthetic of Waveworm Wipeout is inspired by 80s cyberpunk films like Blade Runner, done in a mix of traditional pixel art and modern rendering technology. We want to create visuals that are evocative of classic sci-fi pop culture while keeping with modern aesthetics. We want Waveform Wipeout to be more than just a game. It is a whole new way to experience the music you know and love, while also being exposed to new music. 

  • Follow the beat of the music and the prompts on screen in arcade mode for that authentic rhythm game experience.

  • Surf the waves and do whatever tricks your heart desires in freestyle mode.

  • Unlock new characters and environments by playing through story mode.

  • Load any wav, mp3, or ogg file and surf the waveform of your music.

  • Search for songs on YouTube and play them directly in the game.

  • Twitch streamers can interact directly with their viewers. Chat members can use commands to queue songs in the streamer's playlist.

  • Create and save playlists of your favorite music.

  • Enjoy the ride in chill mode and surf along to a random mix of music based on your mood.

  • Select what frequency range you want to surf on. Play the bass, mid range, or high end of a song!


We are hard at work talking to a number of indie artists to create a killer soundtrack to include with the game. Don't waste any time, and jump right in and play music by amazing indie artists. Play through the story mode featuring songs by:

Jonathan Coulton

Danimal Cannon






Waveform Wipeout is being developed using Brinkbit Cloud Game Platform. Find out more about Brinkbit at https://brinkbit.com/